FILCOTEN® parkline

Easy parking

Whether its for construction or renovation, planning the details of a garage can bring challenges. A parking garage needs to operate easily, keeping noise to a minimum. Thanks to its monolithic structure and unique properties, FILCOTEN® parkline facilitates a stress-free installation and maintenance. With all the requirements of parking garage drainage, some issues are dealt with easily, while others are left unresolved. We took a closer look, and found a comprehensive solution.

Drainage of parking garages is faced with diverse challenges that are not easy to meet. FILCOTEN® parkline was developed especially for the complex requirements of parking garage construction and renovation.

Hydraulic performance vs construction

Be it rain, slush or snow– water is constantly being brought in by cars and trucks. This calls for a deeper channel with a better hydraulic performance. Deeper channels, however, mean less reinforcement of the floor or roof construction and can severely weaken the structure’s cross-sections.

Grate cover vs noise protection

Adding grates to flat drainage channels creates a smooth finish with the surrounding structure, but in a busy parking garages the channel will make a rattling sound whenever a vehicle drives over it. The noise carries to adjacent parts of the building, and may cause noise pollution. On the other hand, if the grate and the channel body are screwed tightly in place, this often leads to corrosion of the entire screwing.

Compatibility and durability

The longevity of a parking garage depends on the synergy of the materials used for construction. Adjoining materials should have similar properties in order to minimize tension and fissures - especially in areas prone to dampness. Even the smallest cracks can be a way in for harmful salts that attack the building structure. Traditional concrete is not suited for use in comb channels. Stainless steel channels provide a corrosion-free alternative, but are expensive.

FILCOTEN® parkline

FILCOTEN® parkline is the first mass produced and cost-efficient comb channel made from high performance concrete (HPC). It easily meets the requirements of parking garage construction and renovation.

  • FILCOTEN® has the same expansion coefficient as the surrounding concrete, which enables a permanently solid fit and minimizes tension
  • Since the comb channel does not require a grate cover due to its monolithic structure, there is no rattling noise when vehicles drive over it. This significantly reduces noise pollution for adjacent buildings.
  • Thanks to its low height of only 35 or 50 mm, it practically has no impact on the static structure at all. At the same time, water is transported to the mid-channel.

FILCOTEN® material is non-combustible – a crucial advantage for fire protection.

A drainage channel perfect for green building

The FILCOTEN® HPC material offers sustainability. The cement-bound mineral material is 100 % recyclable. Certified by the IBR, FILCOTEN® is harmless to health and the environment, because it is organic and free from biocidal materials, solvents, VOCs or heavy metals. The production process is based entirely on an eco-friendly energy mix with no carbon footprint. FILCOTEN® parkline is helping to sustain a greener future.

Convenient accessories

Thanks to a number of well-though-out additions, planning, installation, use and maintenance of FILCOTEN® parkline are especially efficient.

  • Installation supports with screw fixation simplify the installation of the channel: The channel body can be preinstalled braced on the casing, before being entirely cemented. This means heavy equipment is not required for the installation.
  • During the cementing process, a temporary construction cover protects the channel body.
  • An innovative connecting element enables junctions or T-/L-connectors.
  • The intelligent drainage cover made from V2A stainless steel is used as support and can simply be removed for cleaning.

Wide area of application

FILCOTEN® parkline meets the complex requirements of parking garage planners and operators when it comes to the functionality and cost effectiveness of drainage systems. The material is also very sustainable. Furthermore, it is not limited for use in parking garages. FILCOTEN® parkline is perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor buildings that require low installation heights, excellent flow performance, high stability, noise protection and sustainable construction.

Learn more about FILCOTEN® parkline in this brochure.

Karl-Heinz Gramlich
Director Sales &
Product Management
BG-Graspointner | Austria
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