Climate protection is an economic issue!

It’s a common misconception that the business community is reluctant to campaign for climate goals. On November 22, 2017, more than 200 of Austria’s most important companies issued a letter to the future federal government regarding climate protection. BG-Graspointner was part of that group. The APPEAL FOR ENERGY TURNAROUND AND CLIMATE PROTECTION initiative, conceived by WWF Austria and GLOBAL 2000, sent a strong message to our country’s leaders.

Key demands

Our demands were:

  • A mandatory overall strategy for refraining from fossil energies by 2050
  • 100 percent electricity from renewable energy by 2030
  • An action plan for the extension of the public transport network and electromobility
  • The promotion of thermal renovation and environmental heating systems
  • A program with incentives to companies and households for more energy efficiency
  • A tax system optimized according to sustainable investment

If these ideas are actualized, the right incentives can be created and companies in Austria will be more likely to invest in environmentally friendly technologies.

Working together for climate protection

Climate protection is in everyone’s interest, but there are economic motives as well. The current costs of climate change in Austria will soon exceed 1 billion Euros. This is why we welcome the “APPEAL FOR ENERGY TURNAROUND AND CLIMATE PROTECTION”. Ambitious goals can be achieved if we work together.

On the move!

Bernhard Knoblechner (Managing Director, BG-Graspointner) is thrilled by the initiative:

We feel this is the start of something big. Everyone has recognized that things must get moving and that we can do it together. This makes me very happy. We feel acknowledged in what we’re doing as a company. Sustainability has never been empty rhetoric and has always been a part of BG-Graspointner’s DNA.


Climate protection has a deeply-rooted economic interest, and has always been part of BG-Graspointner’s philosophy. Environmental products are in demand partly because they conserve resources. The best example offered by our company is our HPC material FILCOTEN®. It is lightweight and stable. Channels made from this material help lower transport and fuel costs compared to concrete products. In addition, as part of the Climate Alliance , we have committed to using resources in a more economical way. For the production of FILCOTEN® drainage channels, energy consumption is half that of classically produced channels!

Actions speak louder than words!

This isn’t just talk. We are appealing to the government to implement our demands in everybody’s interest. The business community has signaled its commitment to climate protection, and now it’s time for politicians to make a change.

Bernhard Knoblechner
Managing Director
BG-Graspointner | Austria
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