Kick-Off in Bratislava

Slovakia’s new National Stadium in Bratislava is located at the same site as its predecessor, but this new facility has a much more sophisticated drainage concept.

The newly opened Národný Futbalový Štadión in Bratislava. (Strabag)

A three-cornered stadium

With a capacity for 22,500 spectators, this newly built stadium is home to the Slovak soccer club ŠK Slovan Bratislava. It offers WiFi, security monitoring, and studios for television broadcasting. Condominiums, offices, a shopping center, and a hotel have also been integrated to enhance its utility and attractiveness. Situated next to the main grandstand, the hotel building forms one of the four corners of the stadium facility, which also houses underground parking and direct connections to public transportation.

Heightened challenges

An elevated plateau-like structure for pedestrian and vehicle traffic, is designed as a place for visitors to gather, with a road that leads directly into the stadium. This road doubles as an access for police, fire, and other security vehicles. The remarkable structure also doubles as a roof, covering parking lots and delivery driveways. The connecting access road plays a key role in the stadium’s emergency evacuation route planning, where special requirements are crucial for proper drainage.

Clear evacuation routes

An emergency evacuation plan is only effective if the routes clear – even during heavy rainfall. Engineer, Pavol Leško, planned the drainage concept for the stadium, and paid special attention to details. His idea: to install a floor drain every two meters. A total of 680 floor drains (and the same number of dirt traps) now provide surface drainage. Accumulating water is evenly channeled into seepage, holding layers, and roof drains - ultimately leading to the stadium’s retention system. While function is pivitol, design is also a key compnent. Gratings from the BG-Graspointner channels blended perfectly with the paved roof construction.

Reinforcement on the sideline

Extra thought was given to the possibility of thermal expansion, that might result from extreme temperature fluctuations. For that reason, channels were encased in concrete to protect them against the effects of excessive force exerted upon them through the layer of block paving. Special attention was also given in planning and installation, ensuring correct number and positioning of expansion joints.

Many needs - one solution: FILCOTEN HPC

The project required a flexible drainage concept, and thanks to our line of FILCOTEN HPC drainage systems, we had a solution to every challenge. Both BG-FILCOTEN tec and BG-FILCOTEN pro were installed on the plateau, and BG-FILCOTEN pro was set in place for the connecting roads, where greater load-bearing capacity is required. The ideal solution for the stadium’s bus stop was BG-FILCOTEN one: a single-piece channel with no grating that is especially low-noise when driven over by vehicles. Another advantage of the product is its ease of maintenance. BG-FILCOTEN light was installed on the connecting footpaths and in the shopping mall. In total, more than 2,400 meters of channels made of FILCOTEN HPC (High-Performance Concrete) were laid.

Support during every project phase

BG-Grasspointner provided technical support throughout the entire process, closely cooperating with the planning team to devise the best possible solutions. Pavol Leško:

Because of the versatility afforded by BG-Graspointner’s FILCOTEN HPC product line, the choice was an easy one to make. And the environmentally friendly properties of FILCOTEN HPC make it possible to construct truly sustainable drainage systems. That was precisely the approach I wanted to take for the new National Stadium.

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Projekt profile

Project name: NFŠ, Národný futbalový štadión

Location: Bratislava

Installed channel types: BG-FILCOTEN tec NW 100 // BG-FILCOTEN pro NW 100 // BG-FILCOTEN pro G NW150 // BG-FILCOTEN pro G mini NW300 // BG-FILCOTEN one NW150 // BG-FILCOTEN light NW100

Total installed length in meters: 2.423 m

Services BG-Support: Hydraulic calculations, project support

Client/builder: NFŠ, a.s.

BG-Project team: Ing. Peter Wirth, Ing. Juraj Medveď, PhD.

Architect/planner: Ing. arch. Karol Kállay, Ing. Stanislav Fekete, Ing. arch. Milan Paulik, Ing. Pavol Leško

Building contractor: STRABAG Pozemné a inžinierske staviteľstvo (Strabag), s. r. o., Ing. Juraj Holubica

Peter Wirth
BG-Graspointner s.r.o.
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