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Sometimes unforeseen challenges can pop up in projects. In those moments, it’s critical to find quick and effective solutions.

Construction is underway for 316 new apartments on the site of the former Riedenburg barracks. They will meet a wide range of living needs for first-time renters, families, single parents and seniors.

New residential quarter for all kinds of needs

A new project that started in 2018, on the site of the former Riedenburg barracks in Salzburg, has begun taking shape. The project includes 22 new apartment complexes with separate units, and will meet a variety of living needs for families, single parents, seniors and first-time renters. Previously closed off by a high wall, the 35,000 sqm grounds are accessible by foot or bike from every direction. The attractive Quarter will incorporate a 5,000 sqm park and play area that is accessible to the general public, a kindergarten, and spaces for medical practices and small business - including restaurants and caterers. The first apartments have already been moved into.

Modern mobility concept

The mobility concept provides underground parking for 300 cars, in a garage with multiple entrances and exits. Another 20 parking spaces will be available above ground for deliveries and visitors, with an additional 830 bicycle racks and two spaces with charging stations for electric cars.

Drainage issues with underground parking

The underground parking garage proved to be one of the biggest challenges. According to the original planning, outlets were to be fitted at specific points, in order to drain the weather-exposed surfaces. But as the parking garage is beneath the surface, this would have required openings at several points in the ceiling.

BG-Graspointner’s support technician, Markus Unterberger, explains:

Ceiling openings would have meant major work, while at the same time causing structural weakness. Having point outlets thus wasn’t an option.

Solutions sought and found

Unterberger, along with with Albert Eberdorfer, the General Manager of Geologie-Wasser-Umwelt GmbH, devised an alternative solution:

The underground parking garage means that in some areas there is effectively no gradient. The run-off heights are also very low because the profile of the underground garage and the ground surface slope in opposite directions.

After working out hydraulic calculations for the jointly devised solutions, we decided to use wider channels in specified areas to get the necessary hydraulic capacity, and were able to connect adjacent surface areas to the main channels. Another problem was the lack of a gradient in the playground area. Our solution was to use particularly deep channels, and concrete wedges to create an artificial slope. Our FILCOTEN® HPC channel material proved to be ideal. Thanks to its mineral properties, FILCOTEN® HPC bonded securely with the concrete wedges, and ensured sufficient construction height. All drainage water now flows through outlet lines into underground seepage systems, and dirty water from the subterranean garage and parking lot areas is discharged via the sewer system.

Eberdorfer was happy with the results. He was especially delighted, however, with the environmental benefits of BG drainage systems, and believes sustainability should be taken into consideration whenever possible.

Waste disposal issues should really already be addressed from the very start of a project. There are clear advantages to using 100% recyclable materials.

BG-Graspointner Sales Consultant Gottfried Graspointner labelled the project a success, attributing the fruitful cooperation to multiple factors:

The challenges were finding the optimal solution, both in terms of technology and cost, and delivering it on time. We are very pleased with the outcome, and at having yet another opportunity to be there as problem solvers for architects, planners and builders.

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Stay tuned for part two:

Part two is devoted to taking a close look at the interesting concept for the outdoor elements of the Riedenburg Quarter. Exclusively on our blog.

Project profile

Project name: Riedenburg Quarter

Location: Salzburg

Installed channel types: FCT pro G NW 150 // FCT pro V NW 100 // FCT pro V NW 100 mini H = 80 // FCT pro V NW 150 mini H = 170, H = 120, H = 100 // FCT pro V NW 200 // FCT pro V NW 200 mini H = 200 // BG TE terrace slot channel E, SW18, closed, variable BH80-130 // BG-FA facade channel V RB 130, fixed element height 55, two-sided perforation // BG-FA facade channel V RB 200, fixed element height 55, two-sided perforation // BG-FA facade channel V RB 250, fixed element height 55, two-sided perforation // BG-FA facade channel V RB 250, fixed element height 90, two-sided perforation

Total length in meters: 1.558 m

BG-support services:H ydraulic calculations, special designs for artificial slopes in very deep channels

Client/builder: GSWB Salzburg

BG-project team members: Gottfried Graspointner, Markus Unterberger

BG-business partners: Würth Hochenburger GmbH in Salzburg

Architects/planners: DI Albert Eberdorfer (Geology Water Environment GmbH) // DI Mag. Otmar Stöckl (landscape architect) Schwarzenbacher // Struber Architekten ZT GmbH // Fally & Partner Architekten ZT GmbH

Building contractor: Generalunternehmer RHZ Salzburg // Garten-Landschaftsbau GmbH

Gottfried Graspointner
Sales advisor north Austria
BG-Graspointner GmbH
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