We shape the future - sustainable and innovative.

A name and a shared promise.

Hydro BG Inc. and Hydro BG USA Inc. will operate under the name BG-Graspointner Inc. and BG-Graspointner USA Inc. in the future. This is to emphasize the belonging to BG-Graspointner Group as well as the orientation of the company towards sustainability and innovation.


Hydro BG Inc. and Hydro BG USA Inc. are parts of the BG-Graspointner Group – and that's what makes the Montréal (Canada)-based and Plattsburgh (USA)-based companies proud. The Austrian BG-Graspointner Group stands for the combination of innovation and sustainability as no other corporate group.

A valuable contribution that should be made visible.

By selling innovative, sustainable products and providing excellent service, Hydro BG Inc./USA Inc. make a valuable contribution to the success and positive development of the entire Group. In order to make this connection and the successful work in the whole of North America clear, Hydro BG Inc./USA Inc. shall operate under the name BG-Graspointner now.

The new strategic brand orientation of BG-Graspointner Group

The change of the name is part of a brand strategic reorientation of the BG-Graspointner Group. In the future, all 12 subsidiaries of the corporate group will bear this name: BG-Graspointner. Therewith the BG-Graspointner Group gives a common promise - all over the world:

We shape the future - sustainable and innovative.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, please contact:
Ferdinando Lezza
BG-Graspointner Inc./USA Inc.
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Tel: +1 514 932 5445

General Company Information:

The BG-Graspointner Group is a medium-sized family-owned holding from Oberwang in Austria. Rooted in the home, but connected to the world, BG-Graspointner produces high-performance concrete and cement-based drainage systems, railway constructions and traffic systems at five locations. These are distributed in over 37 countries. Only products that comply with our corporate philosophy of "sustainable innovation" bear the brand name BG-Graspointner. With this, we guarantee the highest quality and at the same time we protect human and nature with all our products, all over the world.

Ferdinando R. Lezza
BG-Graspointner | USA, CA
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