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It’s finally here: the first monolithic channel for dynamic loads made from FILCOTEN® HPC, a high-performance concrete. After an intensive development phase, we are ready to present a drainage system that combines elegant structure and transparent sustainability.


A drainage channel – and a milestone

Monolithic channels have been around for about 20 years - and while the idea of developing this kind of system from a mineral, cement-bound material isn’t new - no manufacturer has been able to develop a product. We’ve put in a lot of work, broadening the limits of our mold construction and adding sophisticated features. After an intensive construction, design, planning and testing phase, we’ve finally reached our goal: adding a monolithic system to our products in the box drain and water management range.

Steffen Bernauer (Manager Product Development at BG) on the development process:

FILCOTEN® one was a particular challenge, chiefly due to the molding technology and production. This is why we’re so pleased with the positive feedback throughout the market.

Why monolithic?

FILCOTEN® one is made from one piece. This makes it extremely robust, wear-resistant and sustainable. It is ideally suited for dynamic loads occurring in parking and airport areas as well as highways. Thanks to the monolithic structure, using a traditional casting grate is no longer necessary. The entire channel system is made from highly-solid FILCOTEN® HPC. Another advantage of the monolithic structure: no loosening of components due to frequent traffic or heavy loads.

Unrivaled Sustainability

Karl-Heinz Gramlich (Director Product Management) on FILCOTEN® one:

We want to be measured by our high ecological standards. Therefore, we have commissioned an independent body to perform an environmental lifecycle assessment of FILCOTEN® one in line with approved guidelines. This data is available to our customers on request.

The most important indicators for the lifecycle phases of raw material procurement, production, internal logistics and transport to the construction site were considered throughout our assessment. All environmental indicators were analyzed and verified, including primary energy consumption of non-renewable energies, assessed water requirements and greenhouse gas emissions.

The fact that we are committed to 100 % green energy and resource-saving use of material positively impacted the assessment, as did our FILCOTEN® HPC construction material. By publishing the results, we allow our customers the opportunity to integrate our data into the environmental lifecycle assessment for their construction projects.

FILCOTEN® HPC is purely mineral and styrene-free. The high-performance concrete is 100 % recyclable and has been tested for solvents, resins, biocides, VOCs as well as heavy metals. It meets the strict criteria of the Institute for Biologically Sound Construction Rosenheim (IBR).

Naturally beautiful

Thanks to its monolithic structure, FILCOTEN® one (made from FILCOTEN® HPC) is also strikingly beautiful. The high-quality channel body with its typical concrete color surface in an exposed concrete style blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

The system at a glance

Since we’ve added to our range, FILCOTEN® one has a complete solution for any need. These solutions ensure more efficiency, safety and performance when installed, used and maintained.

  • Optimized intake openings
  • The optimized intake openings for efficient rainwater intake are visible on the road. They can be safely driven and walked across thanks to their counterrotating radial arrangement.

  • Groove/spring/pin system for easy installation and fitting
  • The groove/spring/pin system that can be installed in either direction enables easy and quick installation and precise, correctly aligned fitting of elements. Planning and installation of the system is simplified, as there are fewer individual parts. The adapter, front and end plates are also equipped with the groove/spring/pin system.

  • Highly efficient water run
  • The channel cross-section in a wave profile design ensures maximum hydraulic capacity at partial and complete filling. Swirling of the inflowing water creates an efficient self-cleaning.

  • Intelligent sealing system
  • The optional seal is easily inserted into the circumferential groove on the channel body. Integrated lamellae on the sealing profile prevent it from slipping out. The groove and spring system ensure optimal sealing.

  • Revision element
  • The revision element in the style of a channel run comes with a removable class F900 grating for easy cleaning of the drainage unit.

FILCOTEN® one is available in the nominal widths 150 and 200 and construction heights no. 0 (335 mm) and 40-0 (535 mm). The latter offers a more powerful hydraulic performance and an additional retention volume of 40 l/m. Both construction heights can be combined without difficulty.

A BG-Graspointner quality channel

We are always mindful of our most important corporate values: sustainability and innovation.

Karl-Heinz Gramlich:

FILCOTEN® one is the latest result of our efforts to develop powerful products with innovative, sophisticated features, at the same time assuming responsibility for the future of our environment.

Look through our product brochure to find out more about FILCOTEN® one.

The most important features of FILCOTEN® one, explained in a 3D video

Karl-Heinz Gramlich
Director Sales &
Product Management
BG-Graspointner | Austria
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