Building Information Modeling

Yes to BIM

How can we eliminate paper chaos, miscalculation and miscommunication during the planning and construction phases of a project? Building Information Modeling (BIM) could be the answer. We believe that BIM can significantly ease the work of planners and architects.

BIM is intended to minimize paper chaos and miscalculations during planning and execution of construction projects. If it supports planners and architects, we support it.

There’s an easier way

When we partner with planners and architects, we support measures that simplify the execution of construction projects. BIM facilitates planning, storing and access of all relevant technical data within a virtual project. It is no longer necessary to exchange information on paper, which is often difficult to coordinate. This optimized information flow is less susceptible to errors, and ameliorates object maintenance at a later stage.

Forging the path

BIM offers a positive direction for the future of the construction industry, and we’re focused on improvement. We’re looking to the competence of experts in England to improve our skills, and now we’re training our own BIM specialist.

Our data is ready. Are you?

The BIM data has been create, is available for download, and is recommended by the ASFINAG (Austrian department of transportation). Although we use Autodesk Revit software, programs supporting the OPEN BIM standard (IFC) are also capable of reading and integrating files.

The BIM data is downloaded as a bundle, includes detailed instructions, and covers all BG-Graspointner products. The files are regularly updated, and our registered customers are notified any updates.

Our technical service team is happy to answer any of your questions regarding BIM.

Manuel Knoblechner
Technology development
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BG-Graspointner | Austria
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