About the IFAT 2018

The good news is, there was no bad news.

The IFAT 2018 allowed us to strengthen our unique position as an innovator in the area of sustainability and drainage. This was due in part to our innovative FILCOTEN® one, but also because of our decision to publish the environmental performance evaluations for our products: this is independent third-party research showing which shows that our product is ecologically viable, with no harmful components and lower carbon footprint.


The only thing that stays the same is change

This year the IFAT in Munich lived up to its claim of being the most important international trade fair for water and raw materials. With 3,300 exhibitors – a new record for the IFAT - 48 percent of those exhibitors were international companies. Not surprising, considering water and environmental technology are getting increased attention worldwide. There was a swell of interest in our booth and products, which far exceeded our expectations.

Powerful products for a clean future

Following considerable development, we premiered our innovative FILCOTEN® one: the first monolithic drainage channel for dynamic loads made from FILCOTEN® HPC (high-performance concrete). The trench drain system is extremely robust, and is distinguished by a variety of innovative features (see video at the end of the article). Details about the FILCOTEN® one will be sent in a separate article.

The second big step at the IFAT was to publish our environmental performance report for FILCOTEN® one. We are disclosing our environmental studies on greenhouse gas emissions, primary energy and fresh water requirements. The topic sparked great interest within the industry. This kind of transparency moves us all forward, facilitating improved environmental performance and the entire construction process. With our transparent, innovative approach, we are addressing the paramount issue of sustainability.

Klemens Wiese and Karl-Heinz Gramlich on sustainability and the advantages of FILCOTEN® one

There’s more …

FILCOTEN® parkline is a monolithic drainage channel that is suitable for the large amounts of water typically found in parking garages. Our FILCOTEN® green is the highest substrate channel on the market - an optimal solution for cleaning and drainage of large amounts of on-site precipitation. Last but certainly not least, Ultraslot and Castslot, two systems by our partner GATIC, also attracted great interest.

The most important features of FILCOTEN® one, explained in a 3D video

To find out more about our trade fair highlights:

FILCOTEN® parkline

Klemens R. Wiese
Group Managing Director
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