Looking for the right material

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to deviate from a specification. We changed the specification for a condominium project in Switzerland – and won the job.

The BG-FILCOTEN parkline channel system wasn’t planned from the start – but its monolithic construction without a grate made it stand out.

Underground parking with an upgrade

In 2019, Ramseier Bauunternehmung AG started the construction of three apartment buildings with underground parking in Gümligen in Switzerland. The parking garage had already been completed. Although, it hadn’t been planned at the start, BG-FILCOTEN parkline was their drainage system of choice. This detour – and the search for an alternative – turned out to be very beneficial for the project and the future occupants of the apartments.

The parking challenge

Drainage systems in parking garages and underground parking structures are particularly challenging. Depending on the weather, vehicles bring in a lot of water and salts that can be a heavy burden on the channel body. The first visual signs are discoloration and rust. This can later lead to functional flaws. If the channel body and its surroundings are all made from different materials, tension can develop, and the likelihood of cracks is much higher. Long term, harmful salts can penetrate and damage the basic structure of the building.

The search for alternatives led to FILCOTEN HPC

Daniel Frieden, project manager of Ramseier Bauunternehmung AG in Bern, suggested going without the specified grated channel system. His decision was based on the following:

Channels made from synthetic materials were out of the question because they didn’t provide the required stability.

The contractor finally decided on FILCOTEN HPC (High Performance Concrete) by BG-Graspointner. The exceptional properties of BG-FILCOTEN’s parkline comb channel convinced both the architects and contractors. The ability to combine materials is extremely important. FILCOTEN HPC has the same expansion coefficient as the surrounding concrete base, and therefore maintains excellent bonding with the surrounding concrete. This reduces tension to a minimum. Approx. 30 meters of BG-FILCOTEN parkline with a 35 millimeter construction height were installed. Daniel Frieden:

The look was also important to us. Since
BG-FILCOTEN parkline won’t corrode, so the look is guaranteed to last.


BG-FILCOTEN parklineis corrosion-free and doesn’t need a corrosion cover since the channel body is a monolithic comb channel. This prevents any rattling sounds when a vehicle drives over it, and the neighboring buildings are not disturbed. In addition, the channel is especially easy to clean and to maintain.

BG-FILCOTEN parkline has more to offer

Due to its low construction height of max. 35 or 50 millimeters, the channel can be easily incorporated into the structure. An optimized channel enables a faster transport of the water to the drain in the center of the channel. The FILCOTEN HPC material enables lightweight construction. This makes the channels up to 70 percent lighter than comparable concrete solution, which not only makes them easier to install but also lowers the CO2 emission during transportation. FILCOTEN HPC is a purely mineral high-performance concrete that is frost-proof, UV-resistant and subject to fire protection classification A1. This means the material is non-flammable and will not emit fumes in the case of fire. This is especially important for underground parking garages.

When it comes to sustainability, we are serious. This is why we are making the environmental performance indicators of FILCOTEN HPC public. Thanks to a verified environmental performance evaluation according to ISO 14040/14044 and EN 15804, FILCOTEN HPC is ideally suited for sustainable construction projects. The production is based on 100 percent green electricity, which preserves resources. FILCOTEN HPC is 100 percent recyclable and meets the strictest testing criteria of the Institute for Biologically Sound Construction Rosenheim (IBR) with regard to heavy metals, VOCs, biocides and radioactivity. The material has undergone stringent testing and is free of styrol.

Have you only just heard of BG-FILCOTEN parkline? And would you like to learn more? Here you can find the brochure. And if you are planning a parking garage, underground parking or a car park, get in touch with our specialists at:

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Project profile

Project name: ARGE BM Mattenstrasse

Location: Gümligen, Switzerland

Installed channel types:
BG-FILCOTEN parkline 150, H=35 mm
BG-FILCOTEN parkline 150, H=35 mm with drain

Total installed length in meters: 48 m

Services BG-Support: Björn Rösch

Client/builder: ISB Foundation

Architect/planner: Björn Rösch

Architekt/Planer: Sven Stucki Architekten

Building contractor: Ramseier Bauunternehmung AG

Björn Rösch
Key Account Management
Watersys AG
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