BLACKLABEL design line

The Art of Drainage ...

BG-BLACKLABEL is our line of designer grates offering the superior BG performance you expect in sophisticated and custom visual patterns. Thanks to state-of-the-art production technology, there are no limits to your creativity ...

Rounded contours, exceptional design. VILLE.

For a product to be good, it first of all has to work well. But with products that are visible in public spaces that are part of an architectural concept—like drainage systems—functionality is even more critical. Because in such scenarios, great design IS a functionality.

An array to meet every taste

BG-BLACKLABEL is a line of high-quality designer grates for our channel systems to meet every style and taste. Your projects will thus not only be completed on time, but with pleasing aesthetics as well.

A wide assortment of superior-quality designer grates

The BG-BLACKLABEL line gives you an array of designs to choose from, with looks ranging from classic and elegant to modern and streamlined, and on to patterns with a playful or energetic appeal. All grates in the line have one thing in common however: they are precision-manufactured from exclusively high-quality materials, like stainless steel and nodular cast iron. And they come with such practical details as small slot widths (heel-proofing), four-point fiX locking and anti-vandalism features.

Perfectly unique: BG-BLACKLABEL individual.

BG-BLACKLABEL individual is our offering developed to meet your uniquely personal aesthetic requirements, removing any limitations on realizing your own ideas. You design the grate ideal for your project, we manufacture it. In close coordination with you, of course, to ensure that your own design concept becomes reality.

You can download our brochure to gather ideas and get more information about BG-BLACKLABEL.

Karl-Heinz Gramlich
Director Sales &
Product Management
BG-Graspointner | Austria
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